Air Conditioning Repair in Jacksonville 

When your air conditioner stops working and you live in Jacksonville or the surrounding area, there is no time to waste. With our summer temperatures higher than ever and humidity saturating the air with moisture, it can soon feel like it is over a hundred degrees in your home. This can be annoying and even present health dangers to yourself, your family or pets unless the air conditioner is repaired quickly and properly. That’s where Air Oasis comes in. With fast and effective repair service available any time of day or night, we can provide help anytime you need it. Contact us as soon as you notice your air conditioner has stopped working, and one of our qualified technicians will be  happy to help.

Non-emergency AC Repairs

In some cases, the air conditioning unit is still working but not performing optimally. There may be a component that needs replacing or a portion of the unit which is malfunctioning. Some of the signs of an air conditioner in need of repair include:

  • The unit is blowing hot air
  • The unit is blowing some cool air, but the temperature in the home is not dropping
  • The control pad that allows you to change the internal temperature no longer works
  • The unit is making unusual knocking or banging noises
  • Cold air is flowing in certain portions of the house but not in others

If you notice one or more of these signs from your air conditioner, it may be time to call a professional. The qualified AC technicians at Air Oasis are here to help you get to the bottom of these issues and provide a fast and affordable solution.

AC Installation by Our Experts 

If for some reason your air conditioning unit cannot be repaired, our technicians can help you with advice on a new unit and fast, expert installation services. Click here to find out more about our installation services.